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“How Much Can I Make” From a Franchise Business?

Whether you are considering a small shop or a national chain of franchise businesses you will need to estimate  the income that the business is expected to produce and compare this to your expectations.     A reasonable estimate of the income to expect from business ownership can be calculated by adding together three components.   A typical business owner will expect to [...]

Planning for Retirement? More Retirees Consider Franchise Business Ownership

The times have changed and so have the needs of retirees.  According to the Kauffman Foundation’s just-released Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, near retirees (aged 55-64) represent a rising share of new entrepreneurs in America.  According to the survey, this age group represented 22.9% of new entrepreneurs in 2010 compared to 14.5% of new entrepreneurs [...]

Job or Business?

If you are considering a career change, now could be a practical time to decide whether a dream business or a dream job is best to pursue.  The reason is that economic conditions are likely to support either decision.  So, if you are to make a change — why not now? The economy is looking up in the job market.   [...]

A Jobless Recovery? A Small Business May Make Sense

Bill Dunkelberg,  Chief Economist of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) commented a few days ago: “Although the economy now produces more output than it did at its peak in 2007, it uses 7.2 million fewer workers to do it.” This is a new reality facing those deciding between a Job or a Business. Economists have [...]

Investing in the Right Franchise – Start by Thinking Clearly

Any business can fail including the best known and established franchises.   Certainly there are poor franchises, but even if the franchisor provides the training, systems, branding and turnkey operations that drew you to franchise ownership in the first place, it is you who will ultimately manage the business and so will play a key role [...]

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